Note on the Brazilian Creation Society

Note on the Brazilian Creation Society
The Brazilian Creation Society is a non-profit organization, intending to publish literature in Portuguese on the controversy between Creation and Evolution, in connection with their different interpretations of the world we live in.

The Society is strictly founded on the revelation given in the Bible and aims to bring information about essential difficulties and challenges which both different views face in their respective framework to interpret the physical and biological world. The periodical “RevistaCriacionista” (Creation Magazine) is published by the Society twice a year, with articles from Brazilian and foreign authors, presenting themes pertaining to the controversy between Creation and Evolution. Usually, up to date news is also brought to inform about recent developments in the different fields of science which may give support to the creation view.

The Society has also translated books from other languages and published them in association with Brazilian universities interested to support the cause for Biblical Creation. Many other books on creation issues have been published by the Society. In the Society website, other activities developed within the 48 years of the Society’s life are presented in Portuguese.

Special questions on the work of the Society, as well as supplementary information in English, may be directly addressed by e-mail ( Contacts on creation issues are welcome.

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